Pioneer DEX-P99RS Car Stereo System User Manual

Switching the seek mode 50
Switching the reception mode 50
Playing songs on iPod 50
Basic operation 50
Displaying text information on
iPod 51
Browsing for a song 51
Introduction to advanced
operations 51
Bluetooth Audio 51
Basic Operations 52
Function and operation 52
Connecting a Bluetooth audio
player 53
Playing songs on a Bluetooth audio
player 53
Stopping playback 53
Disconnecting a Bluetooth audio
player 53
Displaying BD (Bluetooth Device)
address 53
Bluetooth Telephone 54
Basic Operations 54
Setting up for hands-free phoning 54
Making a phone call 55
Taking a phone call 55
Function and operation 56
Connecting a cellular phone 56
Disconnecting a cellular phone 57
Registering a connected cellular
phone 57
Deleting a registered phone 57
Connecting to a registered cellular
phone 58
Using the phone book 58
Using the call history 60
Making a call by entering phone
number 61
Clearing memory 61
Setting automatic rejecting 62
Setting automatic answering 62
Switching the ring tone 62
Echo canceling and noise
reduction 62
Multi-CD Player 62
Basic Operations 62
Using CD TEXT functions 63
Introduction to advanced
operations 63
Using compression and bass
emphasis 64
Using ITS playlists 64
Using disc title functions 65
DVD Player 66
Basic Operations 66
Introduction to advanced
operations 66
Additional Information
Error messages 68
Understanding auto TA and EQ error
messages 69
Handling guideline of discs and player 70
DualDiscs 70
Handling guideline of USB storage device
and this unit 70
Compressed audio compatibility (disc,
USB) 71
Supplemental information of
compressed audio (disc, USB) 71
Compressed audio files on the disc 71
Compressed audio files in the USB storage
device 72
Example of a hierarchy and playback
sequences 72
The sequence of audio files on the
disc 72
The sequence of audio files on the USB
storage device 72
iPod 72
iPod compatibility 72
About handling the iPod 73
About iPod settings 73
Copyright and trademark notice 73
Specifications 75