Texas Instruments TMS320C67X/C67X+ DSP Car Speaker User Manual

TMS320 DSP Family Overview
Introduction1-2 SPRU733
1.1 TMS320 DSP Family Overview
The TMS320 DSP family consists of fixed-point, floating-point, and multipro-
cessor digital signal processors (DSPs). TMS320 DSPs have an architec-
ture designed specifically for real-time signal processing.
Table 11 lists some typical applications for the TMS320 family of DSPs. The
TMS320 DSPs offer adaptable approaches to traditional signal-processing
problems. They also support complex applications that often require multiple
operations to be performed simultaneously.
1.2 TMS320C6000 DSP Family Overview
With a performance of up to 6000 million instructions per second (MIPS) and
an efficient C compiler, the TMS320C6000 DSPs give system architects
unlimited possibilities to differentiate their products. High performance, ease
of use, and affordable pricing make the C6000 generation the ideal solution
for multichannel, multifunction applications, such as:
Pooled modems
Wireless local loop base stations
Remote access servers (RAS)
Digital subscriber loop (DSL) systems
Cable modems
Multichannel telephony systems
The C6000 generation is also an ideal solution for exciting new applications;
for example:
Personalized home security with face and hand/fingerprint recognition
Advanced cruise control with global positioning systems (GPS) navigation
and accident avoidance
Remote medical diagnostics
Beam-forming base stations
Virtual reality 3-D graphics
Speech recognition
Atmospheric modeling
Finite element analysis
Imaging (examples: fingerprint recognition, ultrasound, and MRI)
TMS320 DSP Family Overview / TMS320C6000 DSP Family Overview