Texas Instruments TMS320C67X/C67X+ DSP Car Speaker User Manual

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About This Manual
The TMS320C6000 digital signal processor (DSP) platform is part of the
TMS320 DSP family. The TMS320C62x DSP generation and the
TMS320C64x DSP generation comprise fixed-point devices in the
C6000 DSP platform, and the TMS320C67x DSP generation comprises
floating-point devices in the C6000 DSP platform.
The TMS320C67x+ DSP is an enhancement of the C67x DSP with added
functionality and an expanded instruction set. This document describes the
CPU architecture, pipeline, instruction set, and interrupts of the C67x and
C67x+ DSPs.
Notational Conventions
This document uses the following conventions.
Any reference to the C67x DSP or C67x CPU also applies, unless other-
wise noted, to the C67x+ DSP and C67x+ CPU, respectively.
Hexadecimal numbers are shown with the suffix h. For example, the
following number is 40 hexadecimal (decimal 64): 40h.
Related Documentation From Texas Instruments
The following documents describe the C6000 devices and related support
tools. Copies of these documents are available on the Internet at www.ti.com.
Tip: Enter the literature number in the search box provided at www.ti.com.
The current documentation that describes the C6000 devices, related periph-
erals, and other technical collateral, is available in the C6000 DSP product
folder at: www.ti.com/c6000.
TMS320C6000 DSP Peripherals Overview Reference Guide (literature
number SPRU190) describes the peripherals available on the
TMS320C6000 DSPs.