Texas Instruments TMS320C67X/C67X+ DSP Car Speaker User Manual

Table 51. Interrupt Priorities
Priority Interrupt Name Interrupt Type
Highest Reset Reset
NMI Nonmaskable
INT4 Maskable
INT5 Maskable
INT6 Maskable
INT7 Maskable
INT8 Maskable
INT9 Maskable
INT10 Maskable
INT11 Maskable
INT12 Maskable
INT13 Maskable
INT14 Maskable
INT15 Maskable Reset (RESET)
Reset is the highest priority interrupt and is used to halt the CPU and return
it to a known state. The reset interrupt is unique in a number of ways:
RESET is an active-low signal. All other interrupts are active-high signals.
RESET must be held low for 10 clock cycles before it goes high again to
reinitialize the CPU properly.
The instruction execution in progress is aborted and all registers are
returned to their default states.
The reset interrupt service fetch packet must be located at address 0.
RESET is not affected by branches.