Texas Instruments TMS320C67X/C67X+ DSP Car Speaker User Manual

Control Register File
2-19CPU Data Paths and ControlSPRU733
2.7.8 Interrupt Return Pointer Register (IRP)
The interrupt return pointer register (IRP) contains the return pointer that
directs the CPU to the proper location to continue program execution after
processing a maskable interrupt. A branch using the address in IRP (B IRP)
in your interrupt service routine returns to the program flow when interrupt
servicing is complete. The IRP is shown in Figure 29.
The IRP contains the 32-bit address of the first execute packet in the program
flow that was not executed because of a maskable interrupt. Although you can
write a value to IRP, any subsequent interrupt processing may overwrite that
Figure 29. Interrupt Return Pointer Register (IRP)
31 0
Legend: R = Readable by the MVC instruction; W = Writeable by the MVC instruction; -x = value is indeterminate after reset