Texas Instruments TMS320C67X/C67X+ DSP Car Speaker User Manual

A-1Instruction CompatibilitySPRU733
Appendix A
Instruction Compatibility
The C62x, C64x, and C67x DSPs share an instruction set. All of the instruc-
tions valid for the C62x DSP are also valid for the C67x and C67x+ DSPs. The
C67x DSP adds specific instructions for 32-bit integer multiply, doubleword
load, and floating-point operations. Table A1 lists the instructions that are
common to the C62x, C64x, C67x, and C67x+ DSPs.
Table A1. Instruction Compatibility Between C62x, C64x, C67x,
and C67x+ DSPs
Instruction Page C62x DSP C64x DSP C67x DSP C67x+ DSP
ABS 3-38
ABSDP 3-40 
ABSSP 3-42 
ADD 3-44 
ADDAB 3-48 
ADDAD 3-50 
ADDAH 3-52 
ADDAW 3-54 
ADDDP 3-56 
ADDK 3-59 
ADDSP 3-60 
ADDU 3-63 
ADD2 3-65 
AND 3-67
Appendix A