Texas Instruments TMS320C67X/C67X+ DSP Car Speaker User Manual

iv SPRU733Read This First
TMS320C672x DSP Peripherals Overview Reference Guide (literature
number SPRU723) describes the peripherals available on the
TMS320C672x DSPs.
TMS320C6000 Technical Brief (literature number SPRU197) gives an
introduction to the TMS320C62x and TMS320C67x DSPs, development
tools, and third-party support.
TMS320C6000 Programmer’s Guide (literature number SPRU198)
describes ways to optimize C and assembly code for the TMS320C6000
DSPs and includes application program examples.
TMS320C6000 Code Composer Studio Tutorial (literature number
SPRU301) introduces the Code Composer Studio integrated develop-
ment environment and software tools.
Code Composer Studio Application Programming Interface Reference
Guide (literature number SPRU321) describes the Code Composer
Studio application programming interface (API), which allows you to pro-
gram custom plug-ins for Code Composer.
TMS320C6x Peripheral Support Library Programmer’s Reference
(literature number SPRU273) describes the contents of the
TMS320C6000 peripheral support library of functions and macros. It lists
functions and macros both by header file and alphabetically, provides a
complete description of each, and gives code examples to show how
they are used.
TMS320C6000 Chip Support Library API Reference Guide (literature
number SPRU401) describes a set of application programming interfaces
(APIs) used to configure and control the on-chip peripherals.
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