Texas Instruments TMS320C67X/C67X+ DSP Car Speaker User Manual

TMS320C67x DSP Features and Options
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1.3 TMS320C67x DSP Features and Options
The C6000 devices execute up to eight 32-bit instructions per cycle. The C67x
CPU consists of 32 general-purpose 32-bit registers and eight functional units.
These eight functional units contain:
Two multipliers
Six ALUs
The C6000 generation has a complete set of optimized development tools,
including an efficient C compiler, an assembly optimizer for simplified
assembly-language programming and scheduling, and a Windows based
debugger interface for visibility into source code execution characteristics. A
hardware emulation board, compatible with the TI XDS510 and XDS560
emulator interface, is also available. This tool complies with IEEE Standard
1149.11990, IEEE Standard Test Access Port and Boundary-Scan
Features of the C6000 devices include:
Advanced VLIW CPU with eight functional units, including two multipliers
and six arithmetic units
Executes up to eight instructions per cycle for up to ten times the
performance of typical DSPs
Allows designers to develop highly effective RISC-like code for fast
development time
Instruction packing
Gives code size equivalence for eight instructions executed serially or
in parallel
Reduces code size, program fetches, and power consumption
Conditional execution of all instructions
Reduces costly branching
Increases parallelism for higher sustained performance
Efficient code execution on independent functional units
Industry’s most efficient C compiler on DSP benchmark suite
Industry’s first assembly optimizer for fast development and improved
8/16/32-bit data support, providing efficient memory support for a variety
of applications