Texas Instruments TMS320C67X/C67X+ DSP Car Speaker User Manual

MVC Move Between Control File and Register File
3-182 Instruction Set SPRU733
Table 321. Register Addresses for Accessing the Control Registers
Acronym Register Name Address Read/ Write
AMR Addressing mode register 00000 R, W
CSR Control status register 00001 R, W
FADCR Floating-point adder configuration 10010 R, W
FAUCR Floating-point auxiliary configuration 10011 R, W
FMCR Floating-point multiplier configuration 10100 R, W
ICR Interrupt clear register 00011 W
IER Interrupt enable register 00100 R, W
IFR Interrupt flag register 00010 R
IRP Interrupt return pointer 00110 R, W
ISR Interrupt set register 00010 W
ISTP Interrupt service table pointer 00101 R, W
NRP Nonmaskable interrupt return pointer 00111 R, W
Program counter, E1 phase 10000 R
Legend: R = Readable by the MVC instruction; W = Writeable by the MVC instruction