Texas Instruments TMS320C67X/C67X+ DSP Car Speaker User Manual

Pipeline Execution of Instruction Types
Pipeline4-12 SPRU733
4.2 Pipeline Execution of Instruction Types
The pipeline operation of the C67x DSP instructions can be categorized into
fourteen instruction types. Thirteen of these are shown in Table 42 (NOP is
not included in the table), which is a mapping of operations occurring in each
execution phase for the different instruction types. The delay slots and
functional unit latency associated with each instruction type are listed in the
bottom row. See section 3.7.8 for any instruction constraints.
Table 42. Execution Stage Length Description for Each Instruction Type
Instruction Type
Single Cycle
16 y 16 Multiply Store Load Branch
E1 Compute result and
write to register
Read operands and
start computations
Compute address Compute
Target code
in PG
E2 Compute result and
write to register
Send address and
data to memory
Send address to
E3 Access memory Access memory
E4 Send data back
to CPU
E5 Write data into
Delay slots 010
unit latency
1 1 1 1 1
See sections 4.2.3 And 4.2.4 for more information on execution and delay slots for stores and loads.
See section 4.2.5 for more information on branches.
Notes: 1) This table assumes that the condition for each instruction is evaluated as true. If the condition is evaluated as false,
the instruction does not write any results or have any pipeline operation after E1.
2) NOP is not shown and has no operation in any of the execution phases.