Texas Instruments TMS320C67X/C67X+ DSP Car Speaker User Manual

Opcode Map Symbols and Meanings
F-3.S Unit Instructions and Opcode MapsSPRU733
F.2 Opcode Map Symbols and Meanings
Table F2 lists the symbols and meanings used in the opcode maps.
Table F2. .S Unit Opcode Map Symbol Definitions
Symbol Meaning
creg 3-bit field specifying a conditional register
csta constant a
cstb constant b
cstn n-bit constant field
dst destination
h MVK or MVKH/MVKLH instruction; 0 = MVK, 1 = MVKH/MVKLH
op opfield; field within opcode that specifies a unique instruction
p parallel execution; 0 = next instruction is not executed in parallel, 1 = next instruction is
executed in parallel
s side A or B for destination; 0 = side A, 1 = side B
src1 source 1
src2 source 2
x cross path for src2; 0 = do not use cross path, 1 = use cross path
test for equality with zero or nonzero