Texas Instruments TMS320C67X/C67X+ DSP Car Speaker User Manual

Instruction Syntax and Opcode Notations
3-7Instruction SetSPRU733
3.2 Instruction Syntax and Opcode Notations
Table 32 explains the syntaxes and opcode fields used in the instruction
The C64x CPU 32-bit opcodes are mapped in Appendix C through Appendix G.
Table 32. Instruction Syntax and Opcode Notations
Symbol Meaning
baseR base address register
creg 3-bit field specifying a conditional register, see section 3.6
cst constant
csta constant a
cstb constant b
cstn n-bit constant field
dst destination
dw doubleword; 0 = word, 1 = doubleword
bit n of the constant ii
ld/st load or store; 0 = store, 1 = load
mode addressing mode, see section 3.8
offsetR register offset
op opfield; field within opcode that specifies a unique instruction
bit n of the opfield
p parallel execution; 0 = next instruction is not executed in parallel, 1 = next instruction is
executed in parallel
r LDDW instruction
rsv reserved
s side A or B for destination; 0 = side A, 1 = side B.
sc scaling mode; 0 = nonscaled, offsetR/ucst5 is not shifted; 1 = scaled, offsetR/ucst5 is shifted
n-bit signed constant field